Customs agency MIELSPED

Our customs agency provides comprehensive customs service,
consultations on customs issues, security for transit, preparation of transport and customs documents.

We offer warehousing of goods in our own customs warehouse in Plovdiv


Customs agency Plovdiv, customs services, customs storage

Preparation of
transport documents

Customs agency Plovdiv, customs services, customs storage, preparation of customs documents


Customs agency Plovdiv, customs services, customs storage, customs warehouse

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митническа агенция, митнически склад, митническа агенция пловдив, митнически агенции

Bulgarian customs celebrate their professional holiday

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As a company with serious experience and in-depth knowledge of the regulatory environment, we can be flexible and creative, timely and competent to release your cargo. The accumulated knowledge and professionalism allow us to offer you security, honesty and quality service in the shortest possible time. We provide an adequate and competent solution to all issues that arise during the work process. By choosing us, you save time and energy, earning a well-known customer name in front of the customs authorities.

In order to be as useful as possible to our customers, we provide a warehouse area for customs and temporary warehousing, which enables us to provide you with the best service tailored to your company's needs.


Do not hesitate to ask for different customs services, consultation and processing of your customs or transport documents!

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Митническа агенция Пловдив, митнически склад, митнически документи

Customs warehouse

MIELSPED has an own warehouse licensed by the Customs Agency for Customs Economic Mode (Type A warehouse).
The customs warehousing procedure permits the placement of foreign goods under a customs warehousing procedure - a place approved by the customs authorities which is under customs control, where goods can be stored under certain conditions.

The key to your success is our professionalism and responsibility!