Customs officers found cigarettes in boxes of croissants, under seats and in the hollows of vehicles

Customs officers from the Directorate-General for Customs Intelligence and Investigation / DG MRP / found 62,800 pieces / 3,140 boxes / cigarettes in boxes of croissants, under the passenger seats, in the backrests and car hollows of four separate inspections of vans and cars carried out in the Danube Bridge-Rousse border checkpoint.
In the first case, a cargo van driven by a Bulgarian citizen was traveling from Bulgaria to France. On 05/01/2020, at the exit route of the Danube Bridge-Rousse border checkpoint, the truck was diverted by the customs officers for inspection, in which, in a minibus with boxes of croissants, customs officers found 550 boxes of cigarettes from 5 different trademarks between the croissants. , all with valid Bulgarian excise duty excerpt.
In the second case, on 09/01/2020, customs officers diverted a passenger minibus for inspection in the area of ​​Danube Bridge – Ruse border checkpoint. The vehicle, driven by a Bulgarian citizen and traveling from Bulgaria to Austria, was checked thoroughly and 250 boxes (5000 pieces) of cigarettes of ten different varieties, all covered with a valid Bulgarian excise badge, were found under the passenger seats in black plastic bags.
In another case, on January 11, 2020, again near the Danube Bridge from Ruse, customs officers checked a Bulgarian passenger car traveling from Bulgaria to Germany. On X-ray scanning, in the backrests of the passenger seats and in a factory cavity above the driver’s seat, tobacco products were found with Bulgarian excise labels with a total of 9800 pieces of eight brands and varieties.
A Bulgarian van traveling to France was stopped the same day. During his inspection, 37,000 pieces (1850 boxes) of cigarettes with a Bulgarian brand of two brands were found in factory voids under the car and in voids in the compartment.
According to Art. 76a, para. 1 of the ZADS requested simplified accompanying documents for the transported tobacco products, but at the time of the inspections they were not presented. In cases, acts were drawn up to establish administrative violations.

Source: Customs Agency