Customs warehouses

Customs warehouses:

MielSped has a warehouse licensed by the Customs Agency for Customs Economic Mode (Type A warehouse).
The customs warehousing procedure permits the placement of foreign goods under a customs warehousing procedure – a place approved by the customs authorities which is under customs control, where goods may be stored under certain conditions.
The placing of the goods under the customs warehousing procedure requires the lodging of a security for the customs debt which may arise for the goods as well as other state receivables when this is determined by the respective special law.
The stay of goods under the customs warehousing procedure is unlimited.

Temporary storage:

MielSped is authorized by the Customs Agency to open and manage a temporary warehouse in which different goods can be placed under the customs regime established by the Customs Act. The temporary warehouse is covered by a bank guarantee.
Temporary warehouses are places previously approved by the customs authorities for the temporary storage of goods. They are intended for the storage (stay) of goods for which a summary declaration has been filed and have not been assigned a customs-approved treatment or use. For the goods declared, the corresponding formalities for obtaining a customs destination must be made within 20 days of the date of submission of the summary manifest for goods carried by means of transport other than maritime transport.

Accompanying storage services:

MielSped offers the following shipments / cargo handling:
Unloading, loading and transhipment of goods / goods;
Packaging, repackaging, labeling, sorting, stretching, flipping and palletising of goods;
Warehouse logistics;
Servicing groupage shipments of import / export


– Servicing groupage shipments for import / export;
– repackaging and labeling of goods;
– logistics

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