The Ministry of Interior, the National Revenue Agency, the Customs Agency and the SCMTN carried out inspections of fuel storage and sale sites on the territory of the district. Burgas

Employees of Economic Police, DGNP, National Revenue Agency, Customs Agency – Directorate General of Customs Intelligence and Investigation and the State Metrological and Technical Supervision Commission conducted inspections at 3 gas stations and 1 fuel depot in the territory of the district . Burgas. The inspection, which took place on January 28, revealed a 371 kg difference in the availability of propane-butane gas at one of the filling stations, for which an act was drawn up. Two of the service stations have shelves with propane-butane bottles, which lack the required data for their suitability and compliance with the technical requirements for them.

The inspections have taken samples of the liquid fuels of the sites (diesel and gasoline) and a laboratory analysis of the quality of the fuel is forthcoming. Minutes have been drawn up for the checks carried out. Work on the case continues.