Customs officers seized 37,500 smuggled masks and a large number of world brand labels

Customs officers from the South Sea Territorial Directorate found 37,500 undeclared face masks and a large quantity of 34,827 labels, emblems and clothing with world-famous brands during an inspection of a truck at the Kapitan Andreevo Customs Checkpoint.
The truck, driven by a Bulgarian citizen, arrived at the Kapitan Andreevo Police Department on the evening of April 10, 2020 on the route “Incoming trucks” from Turkey. According to the transit declaration submitted, he was transporting goods from Turkey to Hungary. During the thorough customs inspection, including with specialized X-ray equipment, the customs officers found in the cargo of the truck undeclared and not described in the customs documents 15 packages containing 37 500 protective face masks.
During the inspection it was also established that the truck transported in the declared parcels 31,809 labels, 1950 emblems, 648 sports teams and 420 T-shirts with the designations of world famous brands, including “ADIDAS”, “NIKE”, “PUMA”, ” BOSS ”,“ ARMANI ”,“ GUCCI ”,“ GUESS ”and others. Labels, emblems and clothing bearing global trademarks have been seized on suspicion of infringing intellectual property rights. Pursuant to Regulation (EU) № 608/2013, the holders of the respective trademarks shall be seised of the detention.
The smuggled masks were seized. An act for violation of the Customs Act was drawn up against the driver of the truck, a Bulgarian citizen with initials MA.

Source: Customs Agency