Smuggled gold jewelry for BGN 142,000 was detained by the customs officers of Kapitan Andreevo

Customs officers from the General Directorate of Customs Intelligence and Investigation found 1,851 kg of smuggled gold jewelry worth BGN 142,000 during an inspection of a car entering the country from Turkey.

On 16.06.2020 , at about 3 pm, a car with Romanian registration arrived at the Kapitan Andreevo Police Station, in which the driver and his two companions, Turkish citizens, were traveling. During a personal examination of one of the passengers, plastic bags with yellow metal products were found in his socks. After checking the car, two packages containing a total of 540 rings, medallions, chains, bracelets and earrings, as well as 58 bracelets with red thread and gold ornaments were found in a factory cavity above the rear left fender. According to the expert’s expertise, most of the found products are made of 14-carat gold. Three chains, a ring and earrings are made of 18-carat gold, inlaid with natural stone. The found jewelry has a total weight of 1,851 kg worth BGN 142,000.
Pre-trial proceedings were instituted in the case by an investigating customs inspector under the supervision of the Haskovo District Prosecutor’s Office.