Smuggled emblems of cars were found by the customs officers of Kapitan Andreevo

Customs officers of the Territorial Directorate of the South Sea seized smuggled emblems of various brands of cars. The truck with a foreign registration enters the country from Turkey on July 3, 2020. At the Bulgarian customs checkpoint, the driver announced that he was not carrying anything else for declaration, except for the goods for which he had submitted the necessary documents. The vehicle was selected for a thorough customs inspection, during which it was established that in the cargo space among the declared goods, boxes full of 10,070 embossed emblems for car tire covers were hidden. The emblems bear the logo of 21 different brands, most of which are Renault, Audi, Volkswagen, Opel, Ford, Skoda, Toyota, Kia. Citroen. The smuggled goods were seized. In the case, an act was drawn up against the driver, a Ukrainian citizen, for attempting to transport goods without the knowledge and permission of the customs authorities. The case will also be referred to the right holders of the respective trademarks to clarify whether it is about original or counterfeit car accessories.