Customs officers detained nearly 100 perfumes and textiles from a bus passenger

Nearly 100 perfumes and 30 textiles with the logo of world famous brands were found by customs officers in the luggage of a passenger from a bus leaving the country through the Danube Bridge – Ruse border checkpoint.

On 15.10.2020, around 04.00, at the Danube Bridge-Ruse border checkpoint, a bus arriving for Romania arrives. During a search of a passenger’s luggage, customs inspectors found 98 perfumes of various brands and 30 textile products with Nike and Dior inscriptions. For the found goods the 26-year-old passenger does not present documents for their purchase or customs documents for introduction on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, respectively the EU.

The offender was seized $ 200 to secure any fines. According to Art. 233, para 1 of the Customs Act – who transports or transports goods across the state border or makes an attempt to do so without the knowledge and permission of the customs authorities, insofar as the offense does not constitute a crime, shall be punished for customs smuggling with a fine of 100 to 200 percent on the customs value of the goods or on export – the value of the goods. An act for establishing an administrative violation has been drawn up on the person on the grounds of Art. 230 of the Customs Act, and the goods were seized.

Source: Customs Agency

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