Customs officers seized nearly 400kg of excise-free tobacco

Customs officers maintain nearly 400 kg of excise-free tobacco in an illegal processing plant.

On January 18, 2021, customs inspectors from the Operational Control Sector – Svishtov Unit of the Customs Intelligence and Investigation Department – Danube carried out an inspection in an outbuilding located in a village in the municipality of Byala Slatina. The building is used to look after sheep and buffaloes. In the adjacent auxiliary building there is a separate room for processing and cutting tobacco. At the address you can find 11 bags of chopped tobacco with a total weight of about 100 kg. On the spot and in a minibus parked next to the building, customs officers found another 14 bales of uncut tobacco weighing about 300 kg. Medium equipment found in an illegal workshop is a machine for cutting tobacco leaves, two gas cylinders, three gas burners, an electronic scale and three barrels used to moisten the leaves. During the inspection, four persons were not identified at the address, and one of them stated that the discovery of excise goods was his.

An investigating customs inspector was notified of the case. Pre-trial proceedings were instituted according to the descriptions of the territorial department of Customs Intelligence and Investigation-Danube under the supervision of the District Prosecutor’s Office-Vratsa, TO Byala Slatina.

Source: Customs Agency

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