Smuggled gold jewelry for nearly BGN 200,000 was detained by the customs officers of Kapitan Andreevo

Customs officers from the Territorial Directorate of Burgas Customs detained more than 2 kg of gold jewelry during an inspection of a truck.

On 15.09.2021 at Kapitan Andreevo, a tractor with a semi-trailer with Turkish registration entered the country from Turkey on its way to Germany and Belgium. The driver – a Turkish citizen, presents regular documents for the transported goods. According to the “risk analysis” method, the vehicle was selected for a thorough customs inspection, during which two cardboard boxes full of 448 jewelry items were found under the spoiler in the driver’s cab – bracelets, rings, chains, medallions, necklaces, earrings, clasps and rings. as well as pounds, all of yellow metal. The expertise made by the expert established that the jewelry is made of 14-, 21- and 22-carat gold and has a total weight of 2177.10 grams worth BGN 198,728.

The smuggled gold jewelry and the driver were detained. Pre-trial proceedings were instituted in the case by an investigating customs inspector under the supervision of the Haskovo District Prosecutor’s Office.

In the months of May, June, July and August this year, during inspections of the Kapitan Andreevo Police Department, the customs inspectors seized nearly 50 kg of gold jewelry, which is 10 times more than the smuggled gold products for the same period last year.

In August, in just four cases, three of them with trucks, customs officers found a total of about 6.5kg of gold items. 1.9 kg of 14-carat gold jewelry was found in the factory cavities of the driver’s cab of a Turkish-registered truck transporting goods from Turkey to Britain. Customs officers counted 203 rings, 52 medallions, 10 bracelets and 10 necklaces. In the dashboards of two other trucks entering the country, customs inspectors found a total of 3.5 kg of gold jewelry hidden.

Source: Customs Agency

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