Smuggled gold jewelry for over BGN 270,000 was detained by the customs officers of the Ministry of Justice Kapitan Andreevo

Customs officers from the Territorial Directorate of Burgas Customs seized over 2.6 kg of gold jewelry during three inspections carried out earlier this week.
In one of the cases on December 15, 2021, at about 10 pm at the Kapitan Andrevo Police Station, a freight minibus with Turkish registration entered the country from Turkey on the way to Germany. The driver – a Turkish citizen, presents regular documents for the transported goods. Under the ‘risk analysis’ method, the vehicle was selected for a thorough customs inspection, where no infringements were found. During the personal examination of the driver in the pockets of his jacket you will find 3 packages of 242 jewelry – bracelets, rings, medallions, necklaces, earrings, all made of yellow metal. Made by the expert to check that the jewelry is 14 and 2-carat gold and weighs a total of 1840.30 grams worth 192,692 levs.
The smuggled gold jewelry was seized. Pre-trial proceedings were instituted in the case by a customs inspector under the supervision of the Haskovo District Prosecutor’s Office.

By order of the Haskovo District Prosecutor’s Office, the driver of the freight minibus AP at the age of 55, a Turkish citizen, was prosecuted for a crime under Art. 242 para 1 b “E” of the Penal Code. A measure of restraint “Guarantee in money” and “Prohibition for the Republic to leave the borders of Bulgaria” were taken against him.

On other two consecutive days, on 13 and 14 December 2021, during an inspection of two Bulgarian cars at registration entering the country from Turkey, customs officers found more than 840 grams of gold jewelry, hid in the personal luggage and white of five passengers. According to the expertise of the expert, the jewelry is worth a total of BGN 78,312. Violators have drawn up acts under the Currency Act.

Source: Customs Agency

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