Customs officers detained 2721 perfumes at the Silistra Port – Ferry Complex border checkpoint

Customs officers detained 2,721 perfumes with the logo of 28 world-famous brands at the Silistra Port – Ferry Complex border checkpoint.
On January 21, 2022, at around 4:30 pm, a truck with Romanian registration numbers and a Romanian driver arrived at the Silistra Port – Ferry Complex border checkpoint on the Izhod route.
The truck travels from Turkey to Romania. Customs officers carried out an inspection, during which they unsealed the cargo hold, where they found black plastic bags packed with duct tape.
The bags are hidden between the transported goods and differ from the rest of the cargo. When they were opened, it was found that they contained 2721 pieces. perfumes and eau de toilette from 28 different brands and with different cuts. No documents for their purchase or customs documents for their introduction on the territory of Bulgaria have been submitted for the items. An act for establishing a customs violation has been drawn up for the driver.

Source: Customs Agency

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