Customs officers found 450 boxes of canned cigarettes for dog food

Customs officers from Ruse Customs TD found 8,100 pieces (450 boxes) of cigarettes in cans with pet food labels.
On 21.04. In 2022, the customs officers stopped for inspection in the area of ​​the Danube Bridge-Vidin border checkpoint a minibus with Bulgarian registration, traveling to Germany. The driver, a Bulgarian citizen, has stated that he does not carry excise or banned goods. During the control actions the customs officers found in the minibus 5 boxes with sealed cans of dog food and found that their weight did not correspond to the contents according to the labels. When they were opened, it turned out that all 45 cans contained cigarettes from a popular brand, affixed with a valid Bulgarian excise label. The driver explained that the tobacco products were his and took them to his friends in Germany. A total of 8,100 cigarettes (450 boxes) were seized, transported in violation of excise legislation. An act for the established administrative violation has been drawn up in the case.

Source: Customs Agency

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