Smuggled gold jewelry in the driver’s cab of a truck was found by customs officers of Kapitan Andreevo

Customs officers found more than 1.2kg of gold jewelry in the driver’s cab of a truck.
On 09.04.2022 A tractor with a semi-trailer with Turkish registration arrives at Kapitan Andreevo, transporting goods from Turkey to Poland. Under the ‘risk analysis’ method, the vehicle is selected for a thorough customs inspection. During radiation with X-ray equipment and the subsequent physical control, 3 cardboard boxes were found between food products in the refrigerator located in the driver’s cab. They contained 170 ornaments – rings, bracelets, medallions, chains, necklaces. According to the expertise of the expert, the found products are made of 14-carat gold with a total weight of 1256.70 grams and are worth BGN 118,129. The contraband gold items were seized.
Pre-trial proceedings have been instituted in the case, which are being conducted by an investigating customs inspector under the supervision of the Haskovo District Prosecutor’s Office.
By order of the Haskovo District Prosecutor’s Office, the driver of the truck, a 48-year-old Turkish citizen, was prosecuted for a crime under Article 242, paragraph 1b “E” of the Criminal Code. A bail of BGN 5,000 was taken against him, as well as a “ban on leaving the borders of the Republic of Bulgaria”, except with the permission of the District Prosecutor’s Office of Haskovo.
The investigation into the case continues.

Source: Customs Agency

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