More than 8,000 boxes of cigarettes transported “for friends”, customs officials found during five inspections of the Danube Bridge – Ruse

Customs officers from the Anti-Drug Trafficking Sector – Ruse at the Ruse Customs TD detained a total of 160,280 pieces (8014 boxes) of cigarettes with Bulgarian excise labels during five separate inspections of outgoing vehicles at the Danube Bridge-Ruse border checkpoint, carried out within On May 20, 2022, border guards from the Ruse Police Department also took part in two of the inspections. valid Bulgarian excise label. Customs officers carried out thorough checks, including by scanning, on two passenger vans and three lorries traveling to Germany, Belgium and, in three cases, the Netherlands. Tobacco products from popular registered brands were hidden in the personal luggage of passengers between the goods, in natural cavities of vehicles, in two spare tires, as well as in a specially built cache. In all five cases, the ownership of the cigarettes was established – of drivers or passengers who claim that the tobacco products are for personal use and mostly as a gift to friends. The cigarettes were seized, and in the cases acts for establishing administrative violations under the Law on Excise Duties and Tax Warehouses were drawn up.
The largest quantity found in the five inspections was 64,840 pieces (3242 boxes) of cigarettes in 10 cartons placed between the declared goods. The cargo was checked minutes before midnight on 20.05.2022 and was traveling to Belgium.

Source: Customs Agency

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