3 gas revolvers were detained by customs officers of MP Vrashka Chuka

Customs officers from the Vrashka Chuka Police Department detained 3 gas revolvers in an attempt to smuggle exports from a Serbian citizen.
On June 4, 2022, at 2:30 pm, a car traveling from Bulgaria to Serbia was stopped at the Vrashka Chuka Police Station for a thorough customs inspection. The driver, who is a Serbian citizen, and his companions told customs inspectors that they were not carrying any items and goods subject to declaration.
During the inspection, the customs officers found 3 9 mm EKOL VIPER 2.5 gas revolvers under the trunk bark, hidden behind the spare tire. The driver of the vehicle later stated that he had bought the pistols from Vidin for his personal use.
The gas revolvers were detained by the customs authorities, and the driver was issued an act for administrative violation under Art. 233, para. 3 of the Customs Act.

Source: Customs Agency

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