An undeclared currency with a lev equivalent over BGN 345,000 was discovered by the customs officers of MP Kapitan Andreevo

For the fifth consecutive time this month, MP customs officers Kapitan Andreevo prevented an attempt to transfer undeclared currency.

On 27.07.2022 a bus with foreign registration arrives at the point. In the vehicle with a Turkish driver, a steward and 11 other passengers from Romania were traveling to Turkey. When carrying out a thorough customs check in a passenger suitcase owned by the steward, 15 packages were found, full of British and Scottish pounds of different denominations. The total amount of undeclared currency is 133,640 British pounds and £ 15,550 with a lev equivalent of BGN 346 799.

In the case, a speedy proceedings were instituted by an investigative customs inspector under the supervision of the Haskovo-Territorial Department- Svilengrad.

From the beginning of the year until the MP, Kapitan Andreevo has been opened undeclared currency with a lev equivalent over BGN 14,500,000.

Source: Customs Agency

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