Customs officers of MP Kapitan Andreevo found a gun and 13 live cartridges for it

District Prosecutor’s Office – Haskovo brought as a defendant the Turkish citizen B.Sh. (35 years) for smuggling weapons and ammunition through the Kapitan Andreevo border crossing.
On 08/08/2022, a car with a foreign registration, driven by a Turkish citizen, arrived at MP Kapitan Andreevo. He entered our country from Turkey. The driver did not declare the transfer of goods and other currency values. During a subsequent customs check in a natural cavity behind the back seat of the car, the customs officials found a pistol, and in the ashtray of the vehicle – a box with 9 cartridges and a magazine with 4 cartridges inserted in it.
In this case, a pre-trial proceeding was initiated by an investigative customs inspector. Numerous investigative actions were carried out under the supervision of the District Prosecutor’s Office – Haskovo. Regarding B.Sh. a “guarantee” remand measure was taken, as well as a “ban on leaving the borders of the Republic of Bulgaria”.

Source: Customs Agency

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