A large quantity of contraband medicines was detained by the customs officials of the Kapitan Andreevo police station

Contraband medicinal products were discovered by the customs officials of the Kapitan Andreevo police station during inspections of three vehicles.

The largest quantity of medicines was discovered on 20.10.2022, when a bus with Turkish registration arrived at the checkpoint, in which two drivers and 17 passengers were traveling from Turkey through Bulgaria to Ukraine. The vehicle was selected for a thorough customs check, during which five cartons filled with blisters containing different numbers of tablets, ampoules, vials and injection pens were found in the luggage compartment. The discovered medicines are in commercial quantities, have a different purpose and, according to the expert assessment, are worth BGN 157,773. In the course of the inspection, it was established that the medicines were the property of one of the passengers – an Azerbaijani citizen.

The contraband medicines were seized. In this case, a pre-trial proceeding was initiated by an investigative customs inspector under the supervision of the Haskovo District Prosecutor’s Office. R.A. aged 41, an Azerbaijani citizen, was charged with a crime under Article 242, paragraph 1, letter “D” of the Criminal Code.

In two other cases, 28,000 packages of vitamins and 133 injectable solutions of anabolic steroids were found. The vitamins were discovered on 13.10.2022, during an inspection of a truck with foreign registration and a driver-Turkish citizen. He presents to the customs officials regular documents for the goods transported from Germany through Bulgaria to Azerbaijan. When weighing the control scale, the customs officer finds a discrepancy between the weight declared on the documents and the weight reported on the scale. The truck was referred for an X-ray inspection where areas of unusual density were noted in the cargo area. During the subsequent physical control, the customs officials found 8 pallets of undeclared soluble tablets labeled Vitamin C 1000 mg. The total amount of vitamins found is 28,000 packages.

Contraband drugs were found during an inspection of a car with Bulgarian registration. The driver – a Bulgarian citizen, traveled with his family from Turkey to Bulgaria on 16.10.2022. Before the customs officials, the travelers stated that they were not carrying goods and currency values ​​for declaration. The vehicle was selected for a thorough customs check, during which it was found that 133 packages with 7 types of medicinal products – anabolic steroids were hidden in the driver’s luggage.

The contraband medicinal preparations were seized. Violators were issued acts under the Customs Act for attempting to transport goods across the state border without the knowledge and permission of the customs authorities.

Source: Customs Agency

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