High grade marijuana seized from heavy duty refrigerated compound

During the joint operation of the GDBOP, the National Customs Service and the Customs Agency, under the supervision of the District Prosecutor’s Office – Pernik, three men were detained for a period of up to 72 hours. They were brought in as defendants for possession of narcotic substances with the purpose of distribution

The joint actions were carried out by employees of the Customs Agency, GDBOP and DANS under the supervision of the District Prosecutor’s Office – Pernik. Arrests were made of three men, who were detained for 72 hours by a decree of the supervising prosecutor and charged with possession of narcotic substances with the purpose of distribution.

Details of the results of the operation were given by the deputy director of the GDBOP senior commissioner Yavor Serafimov, Galina Antova – administrative head of the District Prosecutor’s Office – Pernik, and Plamen Pavlov, deputy director of the Customs Agency.

Prosecutor Antova pointed out that the investigation is based on a pre-trial proceeding under Art. 354a, para. 1 in connection with Art. 20. In the early afternoon of October 4, in Pernik, in the conditions of urgency, as a result of the joint actions, a pre-trial proceeding was started for drug possession with the purpose of distribution under the supervision of the District Prosecutor’s Office. Within 24 hours, numerous procedural-investigative actions were carried out – inspections, searches and seizures, during which material evidence relevant to the case was seized. In a heavy-duty composition in a parking lot in Pernik, loaded with meat, 76 packages with plant mass, reacting to marijuana in the field drug test, were found pressed and vacuumed.

The operative-search actions were launched in connection with the information obtained in GDBOP about persons engaged in illegal production and introduction into the territory of the country of drugs and cigarettes without a label, and in the course of them data were acquired on vehicles involved in the activity, he pointed out Senior Commissioner Serafimov. He specified that during the inspection of the heavy-duty refrigeration unit, about 80 kg of marijuana of very high quality, with an approximate value of about BGN 800,000, were seized. Within the framework of the pre-trial proceedings, the market for which the drug, hidden among the official cargo – 22 tons of pork – was intended. In the immediate vicinity of the compound, equipment for a drug greenhouse without preparations was found – air conditioners, lamps, transformers, chokes, filters, empty flower pots, an irrigation system and nets for drying marijuana were seized, added the deputy director of the GDBOP.

The dispatched team of the “Customs” Agency provided assistance and together with GDBOP officials an inspection of the vehicle was carried out, added Plamen Pavlov. Actions are currently underway to clarify the movement of the truck, which has Bulgarian registration.

Source: Customs Agency

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