1296 kg of drugs were destroyed

In the incinerator of the Enterprise for Management of Environmental Activities at the Ministry of Environment and Water 1296 kg of narcotic substances were burned, of which 217 kg of ecstasy, 831 kg of marijuana, 177 kg of heroin, 23 kg of amphetamine, 16 kg of hashish, 6 kg of cocaine and others. The narcotic substances are in 1619 files and two pre-trial proceedings. The total value of the drugs at market prices is BGN 88 million.
Only those quantities of narcotic substances for which there are effective sentences or for which decrees of the prosecutor’s office have been issued are destroyed.
The drugs were seized by law enforcement agencies – the Customs Agency and the Ministry of Interior.
For seventeen years, the Customs Agency has organized and carried out 70 procedures for the destruction of narcotic substances with a total amount of nearly 45 tons.

Source: Customs Agency