Customs officers of the Burgas Airport Ministry of Justice seized over 4,600 boxes of cigarettes from passengers’ luggage for London

Customs officers from the South Maritime Territorial Directorate found 4,610 boxes / 92,200 pieces / of cigarettes in the personal luggage of 20 passengers leaving for London through the Bourgas Airport Customs Checkpoint in recent days.
The offenders are 15 Bulgarian and 5 British citizens. They traveled with regular flights from Bourgas to London from March 6 to 9, 2020. During the customs inspections, cigarettes of various brands were found in their personal luggage, in separate quantities from 73 boxes / 1460 pieces / to 500 boxes / 10,000 short /. All seized cigarettes have a valid Bulgarian excise label, but were transported in violation of excise legislation.
Acts have been drawn up against the violators for the established administrative violations under the Law on Administrative Offenses, on which fines will be imposed on them.
South Maritime Territorial Directorate reminds travelers to the UK from the Burgas Airport that the permitted quantity of cigarettes that can be transported by one person from Bulgaria to the UK is a maximum of 800 pieces / 40 boxes / of cigarettes with a valid Bulgarian excise label pursuant to Article 112a , para 4 of ZADS in connection with art. 4c, para 1, item 1 letter a of PP ZADS.

Source: Customs Agency