1360 kg of corcofan with a logo of a famous brand were detained by customs officers in the area of the Danube Bridge 2 border checkpoint

1360 kg of corcophane (filter paper) for the manufacture of tobacco products were seized by customs officers from DG Intelligence and Investigation on suspicion of shipment in breach of Regulation (EU) № 608/2013 on the protection of intellectual property rights.
On March 16, 2020, late in the evening at the Danube Bridge II Vidin – Calafat border checkpoint, the customs officers stopped for inspection two freight minibuses, with foreign registration and driven by foreign citizens. The drivers, who according to documents were also recipients of the shipment, stated that they were transporting paper from Bulgaria to Slovakia. During the inspection it was established that each of the two minibuses transported one pallet with roll paper and more precisely the goods were filter paper for cigarettes (korkofan) with a logo of a protected trademark of cigarettes printed on it. The two pallets, each weighing 680 kg or a total of 1360 kg of corcophane, were detained until the right holder ruled.

Source: Customs Agency