Nearly 270,000 pieces of contraband cigarettes were detained by the customs officers of Kapitan Andreevo

For 10 days a month in August, the customs officers from the General Directorate of Customs Intelligence and Investigation and the South Sea Police Department detained nearly 270,000 cigarettes without excise labels during an inspection of the Kapitan Andreevo Police Department.

In the last two working days alone, customs officers seized nearly 26,000 pieces (1298 cans) of tobacco in trucks and two cars.

In two of the cases on August 6, 2020, customs officers found 600 boxes (12,000 pieces) of contraband cigarettes in two cars with Turkish registration. The trucks arrive at the point on a route on the way to the UK at almost the same time, one at around 06.15 and another at fifteen minutes. Driver priorities, Turkish citizens, presentation of cargo documents. Customs officers select vehicles for a thorough customs check, in which they are, check whether the trucks fit into the natural cavities of the air filters of 300 boxes of cigarettes. Find a total of 600 boxes (12,000 pieces) of Marlboro and Parliament cigarettes.

One day, around 2 pm, in a car with a foreign registration, driven by an English citizen traveling with his family to the UK, you can find in your personal luggage and have in the tire 380 boxes (7600 pieces) of cigarettes without excise labels with the Marlboro brand.

The next day, around the ad, in an Audi car traveling to France, a man and a woman – husbands, customs officers found 318 boxes (6360 pieces) of cigarettes from several major brands. The cigarettes were inscribed in three places in the factory cavities of the car: in the trunk, the engine and the cabin.

Tobacco products have been seized. Actors under the Customs Act are connected to external users in order to present excise food – cigarettes through the state, which has a border without the knowledge and permission of the customs authorities.

From time to time until now, the customs officers of the Ministry of Justice of Kapitan Andreevo have seized nearly 3,600,000 cigarettes, and for the last 10 days alone they have seized nearly 270,000 cigarettes.

Source: Customs Agency