Undeclared currency for BGN 70,000 was discovered by the customs officers of Malko Tarnovo

Undeclared 35,800 euros were found at the Malko Tarnovo Customs Checkpoint by customs officers from the Southern Maritime Territorial Directorate and the General Directorate of Customs Intelligence and Investigation during a joint inspection of a Jaguar car. The car arrived at the customs point on 15.08.2020, around 13.00, on an exit route from Bulgaria to Turkey. The driver of the car was traveling with two other passengers – a husband and wife, all Turkish citizens. In the area of ​​customs control, the driver and to register stated that all sent currency up to 10,000 euros, ie. in fact the limit that is not used to fill out a currency declaration. During the last customs inspection, a total of 35,800 euros in boxes of 50, 100 and 200 euros were found in the three passengers. A plastic bag with a total of 13,500 euros was found in the passenger’s bra, and in the pockets of the two men’s trousers they can find a match of 11,650 euros and 10,650 euros. The open currency has the BGN equivalent of BGN 70,018. Actors under the Currency Act are connected to external users.

Source: Customs Agency