Thousands of goods – imitations of world famous brands were destroyed under the control of TD South Sea

Nearly 52,000 textiles, shoes, perfumes, as well as 84 tables and 379 chairs bearing the logo of world famous brands were destroyed under the control of TD South Sea on 27.08.2020 in Svilengrad. 35,334 blouses, T-shirts, sports sets, 3,352 pairs of sports shoes, bags and purses were destroyed by mechanical cutting. A total reduction of 13,080 perfumes and eau de toilette was destroyed. Another 84 tables, 354 chairs and 25 ergonomic pouf chairs with the logo of a world-famous brand were destroyed by the natro reduction.
Furnish in two cases in the past year. One of the trucks was transported as a groupage commodity from Turkey to Romania. During a special customs inspection of MP Kapitan Andreevo, 59 tables and 354 tubular chairs were found, bearing a figurative image of Versace. With the same logo and find in another case 25 tables and chairs and 25 ergonomic pouf chairs, transported to another fireplace, entering the country from Turkey and loaded with group goods for Bulgaria.
Since the beginning of the year, about 133,400 textiles, perfumes and cosmetics, sports shoes, accessories and furniture have been destroyed. The detainees are confident representatives of the trademark owners, who have established that they are checking in counterfeits and must make sure that they must destroy them. The procedure is carried out under the control of TD South Sea Part, and the right holders bear the costs of destruction.

Source: Customs Agency