Customs officers found a large amount of contraband drugs in baklava boxes and caches in a car

Customs officers from the General Directorate of Customs Intelligence and Investigation found 472 packages of various types of drugs, including growth hormone, anabolic steroids, antibiotics, painkillers, sexual stimulants, as well as 1,500 face masks, during customs inspection of an incoming the country from Turkey car.

The car with foreign registration arrived at the Lesovo Customs Checkpoint on 30.09.2020 on an incoming route for cars, driven by a Turkish citizen, with address registration in Germany. The driver stated that there was nothing to declare. During the customs inspection, the customs officers found in bags with personal luggage of the driver, in a cooler bag, in two boxes of baklava and hidden in factory cavities in the trunk of the car a total of 472 packages containing 21 different types and brands of drugs and 1500 protective face masks. Among the seized contraband drugs were 237 ampoules and 1,420 tablets from five different brands of anabolic steroid, 38 packs of injectable growth hormone Genotropin, 690 tablets and 224 sachets of sexual stimulants labeled “Vegal Extra”, “Cialis”, “Kamagra “And others, also different types of antibiotics and painkillers, with inscriptions in Turkish.

Smuggled drugs and protective masks were seized. An act of violation of the Customs Act was drawn up against the driver of the car, a Turkish citizen with initials SS.

Source: Customs Agency