Nearly 1.5 kg of gold jewelry was detained by customs officers in the area of the Danube Bridge – Vidin border crossing

About a kilogram and a half of gold articles were detained by customs officials from TD Mitnitsa Ruse in the area of ​​the Danube Bridge – Vidin border crossing during an inspection of a truck traveling with goods from Turkey to Western Europe on 17.09.2022. The driver is a Turkish citizen with the initials Yu.Ya ., stated to the customs inspectors that he was not carrying anything to declare. During the subsequent thorough customs inspection, six packages containing the yellow and white metal jewelry were found under the tank cover. The total weight of the contraband gold articles found is 1469.54 grams.
During the interrogation Yu.Ya. explained that he “hid the gold because he was afraid of a robbery”.
The contraband found was duly confiscated. From the expert report prepared in the case, it is clear that the total value of the object of the crime is BGN 84,219.38.
In the case, a pre-trial proceeding was initiated on the inventory of TD Mitnitsa Ruse under the supervision of the District Prosecutor’s Office – Vidin for a crime committed under Art. 242, para. 1, b. “e”, cf. Art. 18, para. 1 of the NC.
By decree of the supervising prosecutor, the driver of the vehicle was brought as a defendant for attempting to transport goods and objects in large quantities across the country’s border for commercial or production purposes without the knowledge and permission of customs. Yu.Ya. is detained for up to 72 hours. A motion to remand him in custody is pending in court.

Source: Customs Agency

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