Nearly 65,000 contraband perfumes were detained by the customs officials of the Kapitan Andreevo police station

Nearly 65,000 contraband perfumes in three minibuses with Turkish registration were discovered during joint actions of customs inspectors from MP Kapitan Andreevo and police officers from OD of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Haskovo.

On the alert of the “Customs” Agency, on 10/09/2022, in the Haskovo region, police officers detected the movement of the three vehicles and directed them for a thorough customs inspection of the MP Kapitan Andreevo. Before the customs officials, the drivers – Turkish citizens, presented documents for the transported goods – shop shelves from Turkey to Germany. During a physical check, the customs inspectors found that instead of the declared goods, there were cartons with a total of 64,950 perfumes with the logos of well-known brands in the cargo area. The contraband was seized. Acts under the Customs Act have been drawn up for the drivers. The action was carried out after a group of four vans entering from Turkey with the same declared product – store shelves – was selected in the “risk analysis” database. The movement of the vehicles was followed and the first one to appear at the exit from the side of the van was stopped for a planned thorough customs inspection in the area of ​​the Vidin-Kalafat border crossing. In his goods section, customs officials from TD Mitnitsa Ruse found 21,690 contraband perfumes of various brands. The remaining three vans tried to avoid control and did not appear at the starting point, which is why the search for them began with the assistance of the Ministry of the Interior.

For the first ten days of September, the customs officials of the Kapitan Andreevo MP detained over 150,000 textile products, perfumes, shoes and accessories with competitions that violated intellectual property rights. The largest amount – 70,640 “branded” goods, was found on 09.09.2022 in a truck with Turkish registration, transporting goods from Turkey to Poland. During the customs inspection, it was found that the goods correspond to the declared quantity, but a large part of them carry the logo of protected brands. 68,653 textile products, 412 pairs of sports shoes and 1,575 bags with the designation of world-famous brands were found. The goods are detained in compliance with Regulation 608/2013 for the protection of intellectual property rights and the trademark rights holders will be informed about the cases.

Source: Customs Agency

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