Customs officers from Ruse Customs Directorate detained large quantities of “branded” goods and medicines in buses with passengers

Customs officers from Ruse Customs Directorate found large quantities of “branded” goods, sexual stimulants and cigarettes during separate customs checks of 6 buses with passengers in the Danube Bridge area.

A total of 1,326 “branded” perfumes, 822 garments, 460 sneakers and sports shoes with global brand labels, 1,625 packs of sexual stimulants, as well as 7,000 pieces (350 packs) of cigarettes without Bulgarian excise duty were seized.

The foreign-registered buses were carrying passengers from Turkey to Romania via Bulgaria. The area of the Danube Bridge – Rousse BCP has been selected for thorough customs checks on exit from the country in recent days.

On 16.09.2023, customs officials found in the luggage of nine passengers in three separate buses to Romania various commercial quantities of a total of 564 perfumes, 697 textile products and 250 pairs of sneakers and sports shoes with the markings of world brands. No documents were presented for the purchase of the goods or for their introduction into the territory of Bulgaria and the EU.

During another inspection of a bus on 12.09.2023, 142 perfumes as well as 125 blouses and sportswear with signs and images of protected trademarks were found in the luggage of a Romanian citizen. Another Romanian national was carrying 210 pairs of “branded” sports shoes on the same bus. Both passengers stated that the goods were for their personal use and for their families.

On 09.09.2023, during an inspection of another bus to Romania, customs inspectors found in the personal luggage of a passenger, a Turkish national, 1415 sachets and 210 vials of various preparations for sexual potency.

During one of the inspections on 08.09.2023, the customs officers found in the personal luggage of the two drivers of a bus to Romania, Turkish citizens, 7000 pieces (350 cartons) of cigarettes without excise duty with the inscriptions “DUTY FREE” , as well as 370 “branded” perfumes. Another 250 perfumes were found in a passenger’s luggage.

The goods were seized and administrative offence certificates were drawn up. In accordance with Regulation (EU) No 608/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the protection of intellectual property rights, the holders of the relevant trademarks will also be notified.

Source: Customs Agency

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