Nearly 4 kg of gold and silver jewellery were detained by the customs officers at the Captain Andreyevo customs port

Smuggled 859.10 grams of gold and 3,073 grams of silver jewellery with a total value of BGN 94,946 were seized by the customs officers during two separate inspections at the Captain Andreevo International Customs Station.
On 10.12.2023, inspectors found 859.10 grams of gold articles during an inspection of a truck with Turkish registration. The driver, a Turkish citizen, declared only the goods transported from Turkey to the Netherlands. The lorry was selected for a thorough customs inspection, during which, in a factory cavity in the refrigeration unit of the semi-trailer, an envelope was found with articles of yellow metal – rings, bangles, bracelets, necklaces. According to the expert’s assessment, the jewellery is 14 carat gold and its total value is BGN 84 191.
Pre-trial proceedings have been initiated in the case by an investigating customs inspector under the supervision of the Haskovo District Prosecutor’s Office. The driver is subject to a pre-trial detention order with cash bail and a ban to leave the country without the permission of the supervising prosecutor.
The next day, 11.12.2023, a tractor-trailer with a semi-trailer with a foreign registration, carrying goods from Turkey to Serbia, arrived at the checkpoint. In the course of control actions, in the dashboard in the driver’s cabin, the inspectors found 4 packages with 1104 white metal jewellery articles. The expert examination carried out established that the articles were of silver, sample 925, weighing 3073 grams, worth BGN 10 755. The silver jewellery was seized. The offender has been issued a report under the Customs Act.

Source: Customs Agency

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