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We perform full customs representation before Customs Agency .

Митническа Агенция МиелСпед
We prepare all types of customs documents. Transit documents, movement certificates, intrastat declarations and others. We have Customs Warehouse under customs control. Document processing – we prepare and check the necessary customs documents for import and export of customs shipments.

MielSped Customs Agency prepares movement certificates EUR.1 A.TR, T2L and assists in their certification by the customs administration.

Preparation and assistance for certification of documents for origin of goods before the competent authorities: Certificate of Origin (Certificate of Origin), Certificate of Origin Form A

Also prepares correctly and accurate documents for the sale of goods and services in accordance with international agreements Invoice, Proforma Invoice, Packing List.

Security of goods and cargo in transit.

We can advise you on all foreign trade operations and customs regimes and procedures.

We advise on the harmonization of the European requirements in accordance with the TARIC conditions for import and export outside the European Community from and to third countries.

When interacting with the customs administration of a Member State of the Community, each person must use the EORI number assigned to him. If you do not have an EORI number, you need to make an EORI registration in the relevant TMU (Territorial Customs Office) at the place of residence for individuals and at the place of registration for legal entities, associations and other persons or authorize us to do it for you.

Transit of goods under customs control inland. Development of transport schemes in accordance with the loads and individual requirements of our customers. International forwarding.

MielSped Customs Agency performs translation and legalization.

We provide comprehensive customs services, consultations on customs issues, security for transit, preparation of transport and customs documents. We offer warehousing of goods in our own customs warehouse in Plovdiv. Do not hesitate to contact us for various customs services, consultation and processing of your customs or transport documents!

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