Preparation of Intrastat declarations and possibility for their electronic declaration to NRA.

The MIELSPED Customs Agency offers a wide range of services related to the obligations of the Intrastat operators:

  • Consultations on the customs status of goods supplied by EU Member States;
  • Analysis of documents accompanying consignments;
  • Determination of the value of the goods and their codes according to TARIC;
  • Tracking the volume of intra-community deliveries to the Customer (expressed in levs) and establishing the occurrence of an obligation under Article 14, paragraph 1 of the Statistics on Intra-Community Trade in Goods Act;
  • Keeping electronic logs and making electronic declarations;
  • Submission of Intrastat declarations as the third declaring party;
  • Submitting and signing statements electronically on behalf of the Client, as well as receiving electronic statements from the NRA authorities to our Client;
  • Intrastat processing of specific goods and movements;
  • Subscription contract services, including all the services described above;

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