Customs officers seized 2,100 kg of cigarette paper

Customs officers detained 2,100 kg of cigarette paper in the area of ​​the Danube Bridge II Vidin-Calafat border checkpoint.

On 11.11.2020, around 04.00, the inspectors stopped a truck leaving the country for inspection. The driver, a Belarusian citizen, explained that he was traveling to Estonia and was transporting three pallets of roll paper to a recipient in the city of Tallinn. Customs officers found that the transported goods were paper for an English brand of cigarettes, which was packed in three pallets in rolls. Due to suspicions that it was transported in violation of Regulation (EU) № 608/2013 on the protection of intellectual property rights, the goods were seized and the trademark was notified.

Paper transported in breach of Regulation № 608/2013 could be used for the illegal production of excise goods within the EU, so the detention of such consignments prevents damage to the European economy.

Source: Customs Agency

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