TD South Maritime sells at auction goods seized in favor of the state

The South Maritime Territorial Directorate announced a public sale by auction with secret bidding on 6 groups of goods abandoned or confiscated in favor of the state. The sale is carried out in accordance with the Tax and Social Security Procedure Code. The goods were detained during customs inspections of the Ministry of Justice Kapitan Andreevo in the period from 2016 to 2019 and for them the proceedings led by the directorate have already been completed.
5955 meters of fabric and tulle for curtains, 576 meters and 778 kg of tops of different types of fabric – eco leather, jersey, hase – have been announced for public sale. Among the announced goods are another 7354 spools of thread, including 400 silicone threads, 52,500 buttons, nearly 3,000 zippers and 628 scissors. 111 carpets and paths of different sizes are also offered at auction. Some of the goods were detained for customs purposes, but the owners did not complete the necessary customs formalities for their release for free circulation. Others were detained in attempts to smuggle them between declared goods or hidden in factory cavities in trucks and vans. In one of the cases, on February 14, 2019, undeclared 88 cartons with 6954 spools of thread were found in a Ukrainian truck entering the country from Turkey in the cargo space among the declared packages of fabrics. 12 cannons with a total of 431 meters of fabric for curtains were found during an inspection on April 14, 2018 in one of the cupboards of the trailer of a truck with Turkish registration, transporting groupage goods to Germany.
Each product in the auction or group of goods has an initial auction price, and a deposit of 20% of the initial auction price is paid for participation in the auction. The goods have a non-union status and the winning buyer will have to pay the due duties and VAT.
Applications for participation in the tender are submitted to the office of TD South Sea in the town of Svilengrad. The full information about the auction is also published on the website of the Customs Agency in the section “Public sales” – “Public sales under TSSPC”.

Source: Customs Agency

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